Fundraising Strategy

WSG identifies, evaluates, and delivers tailored fundraising strategies for your organization. As you look to expand, we’re here to help you acquire the resources that will help you build the operations, programs and processes you need to succeed.

  • Non-Profit Fundraising: We are dedicated to helping you identify private individual and institutional donors from the philanthropic sector. We can directly engage our vast network of donors on your behalf, as well as identify and help you to obtain U.S. government funding.

  • 501(c)(4) Expertise: If you are a political non-profit entrepreneur, we can help you form new 501(c)(4) organizations, including developing the legal and policy infrastructure required. We also advise on best practices for 501(c)(4) organizations and Political Action Committees, to ensure that you are effectively achieving your organization’s mission.

  • Grantee Analysis: We conduct assessments for you on the effectiveness of advocacy organizations, including analysis of their inner workings and management structure.

  • Political Fundraising: We can assist you in identifying and cultivating potential organizational donors, including Political Action Committees, private individual donors and online funding entities.

  • Political Intelligence: Context is important. With this in mind, we conduct comprehensive assessments on the political environment surrounding specific policy issues relevant to you. We then provide you with strategic recommendations about how to shape the political environment in order to advance your issue.

Joel Rubin’s Experience in Fundraising Strategy 

Joel has a successful track record in both fundraising and organizational development. He worked for three years in the philanthropic sector at Ploughshares Fund, overseeing millions of dollars in grants and has conducted assessments of grantee organizations on behalf of institutional donors. He continues to maintain strong networks with these foundations. He also worked in the non-profit sector as a Chief Operating Officer, responsible for obtaining grant funding from individuals and organizational donors. Joel also raised nearly 500,000 from roughly 1,000 individuals donors during his political campaigns and maintains this strong network of supporters.

Joel has also advised clients on how to create new organizations, such as 501(c)(4) entities, based upon his deep experience at new 501(c)(4) organizations like J Street, where he was the founding Political Director, and the Jewish Democratic Council of America, where he was a founding Member of the Board of Directors. Joel also oversaw millions of dollars of grant programs as a U.S. government official and knows how to navigate the federal procurement process.